An opportunity for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse to finally be heard

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The Truth Project, set up by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, has played a vital role in helping the inquiry understand where and how organisations are failing children, and also in providing victims and survivors with a supportive and safe opportunity to finally be heard.

To date, more than 5,600 people have shared their experience of child sexual abuse with the Truth Project; each one makes a vital contribution to the inquiry’s work and helps it to make recommendations. Victims and survivors who have taken part have been able to tell the inquiry how institutions have failed them, and explain what needs to change in order to better protect children in the future. Many have told us they felt empowered by coming forward to the Truth Project, with some saying it was a real turning point in their life.

As the inquiry comes to a close, so too will the Truth Project, which is why it’s important that anyone who would like to take part should get in touch. The inquiry has adapted its processes so that victims and survivors have still been able to talk to us throughout the pandemic; anyone who wishes to share via phone or video call should get in touch by the end of July this year. Written accounts are welcomed until the end of October 2021, when the project will finally close.

Throughout the inquiry’s investigations, it’s become clear that too many victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have been silenced for too long. They must be heard.
Chris Tuck, Emma Lewis, Fay Maxted, Kit Shellam, May Baxter-Thornton, Nujoji Calvocoressi, Sheila Coates
Victims and survivors consultative panel, Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

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