The Nuru massage London is a journey which ultimately dissolves and transcend the therapist and client

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of the head, transforming it into other sources of energy, mental, spiritual, which you can use later as new sources of inner power and deep transformation. The purpose of the nuru massage London of lingam is not to lead you to an explosive orgasm, which discharges all your sexual energy, but rather is to make you feel multiple sensations of pleasure that drive sexual energy into orgasmic waves towards the heart and the crest.

This type of massage seeks to unite energy flows, but without having the basic intention to stimulate the person from a sexual point of view. The focus is on stimulating energy in the case of nuru massage London. Instead, erotic massage focuses on sexual stimulation, and hence the difference. It is pleasant and sensual in many respects, but it cannot be put a sign of equality between it and the nuru massage London.

The purpose of a nuru massage London session is to open all channels, meridians, energy centers, so that the blood (implicitly the energy) can flow freely, without any blockage, through the body. And through the massage of the sexual organs, old wounds and emotional traumas can be released and healed.
The conception by which only men are given nuru massage is wrong. And women can experience this sublime experience, whether the therapist is male or female.
Benefiting from a nuru massage, you can unlock deep buried negative energies and thus you can truly experience sublime pleasure and life in general.

The Sanskrit name of the penis is "lick" or "wand of light". An area that will receive special attention will be your intimate area, both the penis and the testicles, the entire perineal and prostate area, on the outside. Therefore, the massage of the lingam will stimulate this energy, will cause it to circulate in successive waves, from the intimate area to the extremities of the body, through various movements, finer or more powerful, by sliding, twisting or twisting. By this name it is given a symbolic value because lingam is the essence of the masculine energy concentrated in one place. You will certainly be much more aware of your body and your own sexuality, through the energies aroused by this massage.

Usually, nuru massage, contrary to superficial opinions, has profound valences not only at the physical level of pleasure, but also at the emotional level, sometimes highlighting certain recent or later traumas. Free of all expectations, the receiver will have the opportunity to increase his ability to abandon himself in the hands of the masseur, with all the confidence and to receive the energetic, fluid, fulfilling and spiritual message of the massage. The relationship between the masseur and the receiver is a consensual communication, full of mutual respect that has the ultimate meaning of alchemizing raw sexual energy and transforming it into high vibrational energy, healing and harmonizing and to bring peaks of pleasure out of the ordinary norms. The intention of the masseur is to increase the beneficiary's tolerance for ecstatic experiences, to extend certain limits and to overcome certain habits and prejudices. Here, we return again, on the role of the masseur and his abilities to manage, improve, harmonize these traumas, arising due to energy releases of the massage techniques. As in the case of the masseur, the mind of the massaged person must be freed from thoughts in order to give place to the sensations of relaxation and pleasure that will erupt in the energetic interaction of the two involved in the nuru massage. The task of the person receiving the massage is to accept, relax and enjoy the pleasure he receives throughout this experience. Precisely because of the confidence in the masseur, the receiver can communicate during the massage any discomfort that appeared both physically and mentally, and can even stop the massage and talk openly about the problem.

Hindus even support the idea of ​​fulfillment and harmony by cultivating and educating physical pleasure. However, it should be emphasized that the nuru massage itself does not have the role of leading to orgasm but of establishing a degree of intimacy between the two partners by physically approaching and at the same time relaxing the body preparing it for this moment of maximum intensity. nuru massage is not a simple erotic massage, but is based on the belief that a healthy sex life has many benefits for the body as well as for the spirit. The purpose of nuru massage London is much deeper than just sexual liberation. Give yourself the opportunity to spoil yourself, to offer you a complex experience of sensuality, refined pleasure and eroticism, harmonious control of the erotic energy and presence.

When the partners become aware of this, the massage begins to flow by itself, being able to lead the two beyond the physical, sexual pleasure, to a deep healing at the energetic level. So the most important thing is the connection, the two partners merging at the energy level. In nuru massage, the process takes place more energetically than physically and does not follow an excitation in the sexual organs or a "completion". This kind of erotic massage generates a deep flow of energy, promoting the connection on several levels, between sexuality, love and spirituality, as well as between the one who offers the massage and the one who receives it.

It is based on affinity and a predetermined understanding between the purpose of the massage and the expectations of each of the two participants. The hands of the masseur will become true "energy magnets" that will infuse healing energy and will give pleasure to the receiver, but it also has an important harmonizing role. The role of the masseur in obtaining a successful nuru massage is to orchestrate the transfer of sexual energy and disseminate it to all the energy levels of the receiver, the one who benefits from the massage. The attitude of clearing the mind and freeing it of any past or future thought and its focus towards the present moment, perfectly aware of the energies that are transported in a natural and free way, represents the premise towards fulfilling the true purpose of the tantric type massage. The duty of the masseur is to connect with the universal energy and thus to be its transmitter with the help of his hands, in particular and the whole body in general. The attention and responsibility of the masseur must be directed both from the beginning of the massage itself and throughout his period, to have a neutral disposition, free of any expectations or rewards of any kind. There is an interdependent relationship between the giver and the giver. Thus, the movements used will first flow in a downward direction, unlocking and bringing the necessary contribution to the awakening and energizing of the sexual energy that can reach high levels of pleasure and then, will have an upward direction, towards the higher energy centers of the receiver.

You can start by applying on the back of the partner a few drops of oil that you have previously warmed in the palms: the first touch should be a sensual and pleasant, not one that will give the partner glow ... Like any type of massage and tantric begins with the application of an aromatic oil that has the role of relaxing the muscles, to put the blood in motion by gently warming the skin and to balance the body and spirit. on your own at nuru massage London!

It takes the beneficiary to a new level of awareness - the nuru massage London increases the awareness of his own body as a whole. For those who still do not know exactly what they like and what not, nuru massage may be the perfect way to find out. Through deep breathing techniques the energy is transmitted throughout the body in a much more efficient way. It relaxes the mind, body and soul - the nuru massage London relaxes the body in all possible ways. After all, skin is the organ with the largest surface and, of course, the most sensitive, and the power of touch can do real wonders in this regard. But it can also be helpful when it comes to overcoming emotional problems. Improves breathing - nuru massage incorporates similar techniques as those used in meditation. Whether they are negative emotions, memories or various other experiences, they can be released through a nuru massage. Improves rest - no wonder that nuru massages are very relaxing, so it is logical that after such an experience the beneficiary will rest much better.

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